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About Erich Legut

This is my very first about page about me

My name is Erich Legut. I am a senior at Drake University where I study Public Relations and play Soccer. I originally come from Waukesha Wisconsin where I moved from Lexington, Kentucky at around the age of 3.

What I like

Some of my favorite things are cooking, finding and listening to new music, and playing soccer. I recently picked up cooking about last year and have made all types of dishes but my favorite one is currently steak. I like to make myself a meal once a week that I can thoroughly enjoy and get better at cooking. some of the new music I like to find is on every Friday and this includes lots of different variations of rap or grunge rock.

Love of the Game

The last thing about me is my love for soccer. I strive to be the best player training doing extra work every day and being the best teammate and leader I can to keep the next generation of Drake soccer players to be better than I am. One of my favorite things about myself is how hard I work.

Fun Fact

A fun fact about me is that I have two siblings who live in Charleston, South Carolina. My siblings mean a lot to me and we have been together through thick and thin. They are both older than me my brother being 28 and my sister turning 27 in December. Meaning I am the baby compared to them at the age of 22.

My favorite memories have to be all the family vacations I have gotten to have with them. Every Christmas we go somewhere as a family whether that be spending Christmas in South Carolina or some other area. We have gone to London, Costa Rica, Florida and San Diego as a family. All those trips mean the world to me. There is always a plan of fun excursions that we do which often involve sightseeing or something none of us have ever tried before. In Costa Rica, we went ziplining together as a family and in Florida one year we went on a charter fishing trip. However, one of my favorite times was when we were in London we got to see a live English Premier League soccer game where Chelsea beat Bournemouth 3-0 and that was the same year that Chelsea ended up winning the league.